[Instagram for Business] Post photo from Google Drive

I would like to post photos from google drive. So I set up a scenario including:
Google Sheet → Google Drive → instagram for businesS.

But it seems I can only post the image “thumbnail” from google drive which is very low quality. When I use the variable: “Web content link” there is an error indicating the format is unsupported:
“The image format is not supported. (36001, OAuthException)”

In the module doc, there is this:“Photos must be hosted on a publicly accessible URL and you cannot host your videos on Google Drive even if the file is shared publicly because Instagram API is not able to download files from Google Drive. The same applies to Dropbox URLs.”

Any ideas to circumvent this problem?

Thank you


first go with “Get a Share Link” to enable access for everyone to photo/video, then use this direct url:


Just swap {{File_ID}} with File_ID variable. Be sure that your photo/video meets instagram requirements.