Google Drive (Upload a File) 503 - Runtime Error

Hi all! I was active on the Integromat FB group, and am so happy to find this community!

I’ve been getting a persistent 503 Runtime Error on a “Upload a File” Google Drive module that has worked without issue in the past. Any known issues with files or values that could cause this type of error?

I tried adding a Break error handler, and have resent the execution a second time, but it continues to fail.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @maxm,

Welcome to this community! :slight_smile:

I just tried uploading a file, and it still works on my end.

Do you have experience with the Make chrome extension?

What you could do to debug this issue is install that extension. Once installed, open the developer console of your browser by pressing the F12 key. When the console opens, go to the Integromat tab. Then, navigate to the right scenario and start running it. Execute your scenario and check the results in your console. The most interesting part is what Google returns when you request to upload the file. Most of the time, you get valuable information from that console.

Glenn - Callinetic

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Just saw that I never responded to this. Thanks so much for your debugging advice.

Hello @maxm great to hear that @Callinetic helped point you in the right direction :blush:

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Thanks a lot!