Google Forms checkbox and Airtable

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I have a Google Form. One of the questions has a multiple-choice answer with checkboxes. I want this data to appear in my Airtable base as a multiple-selection field. However, my ‘get a response Google Forms’ module returns the answers in the form of multiple text responses. However, only the first one appears in my Airtable table using my upsert function. How can I solve this problem?


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I don’t have the answer but If you can’t find any solution, you could try formular that integrate flawlessly with Airtable.



You are mapping a single value.

What you want is to map all the values at the same time.



Here are some useful links and guides you can use to learn more on how to use the Make platform, apps, and app modules. I found these useful when I was learning Make, and hope they might benefit you too —


Help Center Basics

Articles & Videos


Thank you for your answer.

If I click on map, like it appears on your picture, result is the same. When I click in the value field and search something like a multiple value I can’t find anything :

Thank you Paul. I have tried tally but impossible to connect. When I “accept” the popup window in I got an error.

Then the next step, is to Iterate the array (list of options), and then Array Aggregate to the Role set as the destination field.

This transform the list of options into the format of the Role field.


Thank you. I have added iterator and array aggregate but it’s still impossible for me. That’s frustating. I will maybe use another approch to fix it.

I suggest going through the Make Academy linked above. I did that before I started making any scenarios.

Make is easy to use only if you learn the basics first.


Thanks it was very helpfull.

Now I have my 2 roles, with the text aggregator. My new problem is how to insert it in Airtable. Do you know the correct separator to use ? To separates my 2 text strings ?

This is solved !

If that help :

Iterator :

Array Aggregator :

And then a Set multiple variable module :

Airtable update correctly the fields.

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