Google Forms [Watch Response in Google Sheets} doesn't update columns metadata

Hi there,

I just setup a Google Forms module: “Watch responses in Google Sheets”. At first time, my scenario recognized the metadata of the Google Sheet generated from the Google Form, with 26 columns (26 questions).

After some hours, I added more 2 questions to my form and then created 2 new columns (headers) on Google Sheets Response.
The problem is that my scenario doesn’t update header metadata. To solve this temporally, I have added 2 cell lookups to search for the new data on these columns.

My scenario and my Google Sheets Module:

The last column available for data-map is the “Z” column:

My Google Sheet headers:

Is there any way to update headers metadata in Google Forms module?

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Generally you should avoid changes that modifies the columns in Sheets.

What I would try here is delete the module and add it back.

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