Google Forms 'Watch Responses': Duplicate form results

It looks like I started with the Forms modules at the right time. I was working with them yesterday and didn’t realize some of them were new!

I am running into a slight issue with the Watch Responses module. After a form has been submitted, the same form result is pulled every time the scenario runs. Is there a way to use this module so each result is only pulled into a scenario once?

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I have the same issue. And also, sometimes it doesn’t react when there’s a new submission. Did you figure it out?

I’m running into the same issue. The same form submission keeps coming in every time. Is there a way to resolve this?

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@JrJr just FYI: I’ve moved your question to a new thread from the original post so that we keep the community tidy :broom:

I’ve consulted with our support team regarding the issue you mentioned, and it appears that no other users have reported any problems with the Google Forms modules.

Generally speaking, I would recommend making sure that you’ve set up your ‘Choose where to start’ point correctly to process the data from the desired time.


If you suspect that the module is not functioning as it should be, I recommend submitting a ticket to our support team which will allow them to investigate the matter and provide appropriate assistance.

Hope this helps!