Google Forms Module - I'd like to move questions & responses from my google form to ClickUp, but only the responses are being moved

When I select the question in the google form watch responses module to be added to clickup’s content the only thing that is transferred is “[Collection]” & not the question itself… Thanks!

Make’s customer support told me to try watch forms>iterator>select variable>clickup but that doesn’t work either…

For Google Forms, you have the option of adding a linked Google Sheet to record all the responses.

Instead of using Google Forms app, you can now use a Google Sheets “Watch new rows” module, which may make it easier to retrieve the table headers.


Hey so let me tell you what’s happening with you
formResponses - contains collections of formResponse,each formResponse represents a form submit
formResponse - contains collections of all the questions and their answers user fields
response - contains a collection key value pair
response.getItem() - gets you the answer to that response
response.getItem().getTitle() - gets you the response

right now you are getting the response
you need to get response.getItem()
I think this gets you the answer to the question

this was just an explanation of how data works in G forms
if you need more assistance upload your blueprint here

trying this with the google sheet and i did click table has headers & entered the row number w/ headers, but still not returning the questions- only answers.