Google maps markers


I wish to create and delete google maps markers with an API call in make. I can’t find information on this topic, does anyone have experience with this?

Hey @Erez_Zeidner - Ok I have some good news and bad news for you. The good news is that what you’re looking to do can be done through Google Maps Javascript SDK. The bad news is that it’s not an insignificant amount of work to accomplish.

Basically, you’d need to have a hosting provider to run the Google Maps Javascript SDK. Think like AWS Lambda Functions or GCP Cloud Functions that you could send an event payload to with the coordinates details and it could either add or remove the markers.

You could do this with make using an HTTP module or the Google / AWS Lambda module to send to the endpoint with the payload to perform that creation / deletion and then pass the response back to Make.

I’d be happy to answer anymore questions you may have on this and am happy to help out with this all as I know this is a pretty complex / complicated solution to what was otherwise a pretty simple question.

Let me know how I can help!

Hey @workflowsy, Thank you for your answer. I’m a bit hesitant to step forward after reading your answer (fear of the tree being too high). Do you maybe know of a resource that show cases the method you’re describing? I think seeing an example will help me understand how high the tree really is.

Thanks again!