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I am using to pull all items on a board inside of and i want to return the postal code to the postal code field from the google map bundle. For some reason google module is not getting the zip code is there something im missing or a way to get the google module to pull the zip code also!? the part the says postal code suffex just enters those words in the column, Too me it looks like google does not include this data in the module? anyone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it

*UPDATE AFTER switching to lat and long data instead of using the address i was able to generate the zip code inside of a bundle but the data does not appear inside of the input value when trying to map the output

Hi @N_lopez,
You can retrieve items within the Address Components array by using map() and get() functions.

For Postal Code, you’ll need to first map the address components using long_name as the key to retrieve, using value as the key for filtering, and postal_code as the possible value for filtering.
The result will leave you hopefully with an array of 1 result, which you can use the first() function to retrieve. Here is how that looks:

Where you see Address Components array in red, you’ll need to map in the same object from your Google Maps module.


Worked! you sir are a saint and i thank you! looks like i got more to learn about formatting the array components !


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