Google (Shared) Drive: Copy/Paste Rows from Updated Form/Spreadsheet to another Spreadsheet

I’m trying to wrap my head around how to do the following, but really haven’t gotten very far. The goal, in a nutshell, is to have information that is submitted on a form transfer to a spreadsheet whose name matches information on the form. Here’s the details of the process I’m trying to automate:

  1. The following data gets added to a Google form (with a linked spreadsheet): “date”, “name”, and “description”
  2. The spreadsheet with the title [“name” updates] is searched for/found within a shared google drive (note: each sheet is nested within [shared drive]/[location of “name”]/“name”/“name” updates.gsheet
  3. Add a row to the “name” updates.gsheet, mapping the following information from the original form/spreadsheet: column A: “date”, column B: “description”

I honestly haven’t gotten very far on this. I can’t get the search function down (I’m not from a tech background, and am also new to I’m sure I’m doing this completely wrong as I can’t get Google Drive to find the folder, but here’s what I’ve got for reference (details in screenshots are slightly different than what I described above for simplicity):

Thanks for any help anyone can provide! Also, if this is NOT possible, that would be helpful too!

In chose a folder you need to put folder id. As far as i remember, you can use search option to put name and find.

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