Google Sheet to Bubble - Custom type field?

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for this great forum.
Got a pretty tricky question, to which I didn’t find answers online…

I’m trying to setup a connexion between a Google Sheet and my Bubble app using Make.

Each time a new row is added to the Google Sheet, I want a data thing to be created within my app’s database.

But when setting up the entries, the ‘Field types’ available in Integromat are the default ones : Text, Number, File, Boolean, etc.

However, i’d like to use some custom field types, which are actually other data types of my bubble app.

See screenshot below, coming from my app’s database :

→ For each new row on my G Sheet, i want to create a new “Scénarios Initiaux”. As you can see, the third field is a “Copropriétés”, coming from another data type in my database.

So when creating the connexion on Make, I’d like for this field to be a ‘copropriétés’ instead of a text (otherwise it just wouldn’t work).
Also, please note the value coming from Google Sheet will always be an existing ‘Copropriétés’ from my database. So in a way i don’t need to create a ‘Copropriétés’ - but rather to pick one.

Would you have any idea of how I could do this?

I’ve tried some backend workflows, some HHTP ‘GET’, even asked ChatGPT but I just couldn’t figure out…

That would immensely helpful!!
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That would be hugely useful…

Thanks a ton in advance!!