Google Sheet Watch New Row Trigger fails frequently

I’ve built successful running scenario that is triggered when a new row is added to a google sheet. These new rows are the automated additions of rows being added when Google Form new response is submitted. For both Google Form new submission trigger and Watch New Row trigger in Google Sheet, even though it works for a few times end to end, it randomly fails then I have to reconnect the Google Sheet module and rebuilt all of the connections to make the scenario work again.

When this happens, I run the module, and the trigger module simply does not recognize a new added row to trigger the following workflows.

What is causing this issue and how can I make the scenario to run consistently?

Thank you!

Welcome to the Make community!

Sometimes, the “Watch New Rows” module won’t work properly after you delete any column or row in the sheet. To fix this, use a brand new sheet (delete all the rows except row 1) and then avoid deleting any data in the sheet.

Also, you may need to increase the number of rows so that it can “catch up” with the number of incoming items. To always process all new items, you can increase the limit to 3000, for example:



Thank you for a quick reply! This is very helpful. While deleting a row might cause this issue, would clearing cell in those rows cause issues?