Google Sheets watch new rows

Hi Guys ,

I’ve created a scenario that begins with my google sheets module watching for new rows but it doesn’t work all the time and often requires me to create a whole new sheet for it to work . But , i need it to be fully automated . Is there any way i can overcome this issue ?

Thanks ,

Hello @Ayub_jama1 and welcome to the Make Community!

May I ask what do you mean that it “doesn’t work all the time”?

Here’s how I think Watch New Rows works, maybe it will explain your concern.
You can only watch one sheet at a time.
Make keeps track internally of the last row of data.
Make rechecks the sheet on your selected schedule.
If there are new rows with data since the last time it checked, it will return those up to the max you’ve set.
Make re-checks and repeats the same.
To be clear, this is a not an instant trigger and it’s not triggered by adding a row in Google Sheets.
It’s triggered purely by the schedule you set in Make and what has changed in the Sheet since last time it checked.

To reset the module, you can right-click, select “Choose where to start”, then select the row you want it to start returning.