Google sheets and trello

Hi everyone, I would appreciate help in building an automation in Google Sheet and Trello.

I have a column in Trello in which I have a custom filed and I want to transfer the information found in this column to a new sheet of Google Spreadsheets
But I want every month to open a new sheet with the same columns and the same data.

For example, if I defined the customer’s name and the price he closed in Tarello, I would like the information to be automatically added to a new sheet whose name is April 2024,
The thing is that I want only customers who closed in April to be added to the sheet,
When the month of May arrives, I will want it to open a new sheet with customers who were added to the list in Trello in May. Of course I define all the information in custom fileds in Trello so that it can be defined in Zafir.
I will mention that I want to use the template in Google Sheets because I have formulas there that will help me analyze the information in a better way.

I would appreciate your help and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Have you considered that each Google Spreadsheet document can only contain up to 200 sheets?

This means after 200 months your spreadsheet will be full.

Unless you meant create a copy of the existing spreadsheet document so that it’s one month per file?

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Yes, I want every month to open a new file according to the template that I will define
Could you please explain to me how to make a new issue open every month?
In addition, the information that will be in the rows is the custom filed that I will fill in the card that will go to the list that I will say in make.
I hope I explained myself correctly and you understand what I mean.

How does the Create a Spreadsheet from a Template sound?


Then you can use one of these Trello modules to search for what you want to insert.


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