Google Sheets, Appsheets: API will not trigger


Hopefully someone could assist, I am using appsheets with Google sheets as a mini data base. I have integromat set up so it watches Google sheets and when data is changed or added it will then create a calendar event in Google.

Problem is when I change the data through appsheets and not directly through Google sheets the API WebHook will not trigger so it will not pull any information down.

I used the API from Google sheets within integromat with automation within Appsheets and it will then send an API but integromat but it can not read the data as cells rather it just dumps all information as a long text.

Is there any work around for this or has anyone else had this issue.


Hey !

Considering the info you gave, I would say that the best direction to go is to see how you can parse the output. Usually there is something like a “;” that delimits the columns.

It’s a bit difficult to say if you don’t pass an output as example.

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