Google sheets as inventory management for Square and Squarespace sales?

Hi all, I’m a Make newbie so please excuse my ignorance - I’m wondering if Make is the right tool for me to invest my time into to develop a Google Sheets based inventory management system connected to Squarespace and Square.

I make and sell hand crafted items online via a Squarespace website and instore using Square POS. Both have reasonable inventory management functionality and an API available to Make, and they can be synced via a 3rd party app, but for various reasons this doesn’t meet my requirements (primarily because most of my items are made to order so are technically ‘out of stock’ in terms of inventory)

So my questions are:

  1. Is it possible to use Google Sheets as a central point for inventory from both Square and Squarespace sales? Items are available for sale on both platforms and each item has a unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). I envisage a scenario whereby each item is listed in a Google Sheet with the SKU as the first column and the stock level as another column - a sale from either Square or Squarespace will subtract from the stock level (the starting stock value will be positive for items I have made and are ready to go, and a value below zero means I need to make the item)

  2. If so, are there any tutorials you can point me in the direction of to get me started.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Sure start in this thread.

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