Google sheets search rows working incorrect

hello everyone. My scenario is well, and before it worked absolutely clear, and well. But today it is making some mistakes , In my google sheets search rows it is filtering wrong, here is the screenshot of my search rows module, may be it is some kind of bag ?

here is the output and input you can see below , how that possible ?

please help

I’m having the exact same problem. Please fix this bug, it is a critical issue.

i also have a search problem, i search for 5886714190151206709 and the results show it searched for 5886714190151207000. this used to work

Hello everyone @here :wave:

If you believe you’ve come across a potential bug, please open a ticket with us.

Our support team is equipped with all the necessary tools to thoroughly investigate this and potentially escalate the issue to our dev team

Thank you :pray:

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I had already opened a ticket for this issue (919355), but it was auto-closed after 9 days without any reaction from the support team.

Hello @dastein thank you for the extra context.

From what I understand, it seems that you logged a ticket with us, but we did not receive a response when we requested more information. As a result, the ticket was automatically closed after a certain period. If you’re still experiencing the issue, please feel free to log a new ticket. :pray:

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