Google Sheets, send email notification

Is it possible to send an email notification every time a new row is populated inside my spreadsheet? I have being passed into two separate tabs in a single spreadsheet and I’d like to notify the client each time a new row is populated.

The client will be a real-estate agent, they have a unique company email assigned to them which I hope makes the set up a bit more easier. It would all go to the same email address.

I’ve used a Router as well, which is the first time I’ve used this module, so I hope my set up is correct.

I’m using Botpress as my chatbot.


The Router will cause everything that was received in the Webhook to be sent to both Google Sheets modules, unless either one of them has a filter set up that prevents the data movement on either route.

If you have Gmail, you can add a Gmail module after the Google Sheets module to send an email.
If you have another provider then you can check if there is a module for that provider. If not, there’s a standard Email module.

Hopefully this comes close to what you’re looking for!


Check this Youtube Video

@MaxW you can achieve that within Google Sheets using Google App Scripts.

Or in Make you can use the Watch New Rows module for periodically watch and send emails out.


thanks, how would I ensure the data is sent correctly? Basically in the google sheet I have two tabs “Buy” and “Sell”, I was hoping there could be a way to pass the data to the correct tab.

So far though it does seem to populate the correct tab, is there a better way to do this?

The email provider will always be the realestate company’s provider. what module abnd set wold be required to enable this?

thanks, how would I set this up if the real estate company is the email provider for this employees? So its not going to be using gmail.

I am little confused about your question.
Based on the screenshot you provided, you’re updating two Google Sheets in a single Scenario run. Now, do you want to send an email after each of those?

Or are you asking how to watch Google Sheets and send an email when a new row is detected?


Sorry for the confusion,

Its a single google sheet I am updating, in the sheet itself there are two tabs “Buyer” and “Seller”.

In my Botpress flow (see attached) I have two data capture points paths, again one for “Buy” (green) and “Seller” (purple), and all flows go to one end point (grey).

I’d like to pass the data to the relevant tab in the sheet then send an email notification to agent when a new row in populated in either tab.

So a bit like you said, I need to watch for changes and send an email notification.

Botpress Flow

Buyer and Seller capture logic

you’re updating two Google Sheets in a single Scenario run
No, updating one Google sheet with a single scenario

Now, do you want to send an email after each of those?
Yes, when either tab in the single google sheet populates a new row I want to send an email

Or are you asking how to watch Google Sheets and send an email when a new row is detected?
yes, basically what I said above, watch the sheet and send an email when a new row is populated in either tab

Also check out my screen shots I attached showing the botpress flow where the logic is being used and the logic for each flow.

Thanks for the details. I think once we get a better idea of what you’re trying to accomplish, we will have better suggestions for you.

I see now that botpress is calling the Make Webhook.

Referring to the screenshot in your original post, Make is waiting for data from a Webhook and upon being called it passes all that data to both Google Sheets Update a Row Modules

Are you saying both of these modules update the same Google Spreadsheet, but one of these modules updates the “Buyer” sheet/tab and the other updates the “Seller” sheet/tab?

If that’s the case, but you only want to update either the Buyer or Seller sheet, then you’ll need to set up filters (the wrench between Router and the Google Sheets module) to make sure only one route is taken.


It will not use gmail, rather the company email the real estate agent works for.

In saying that do I need to create two webhooks? one for each google sheet? or can I use one?

I get that a filter could be used with a router but not sure how to do it.

Not using gmail, rather the company email.