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how can i switch my Google Sheets - Watch New Row module from running every 15 minutes to a PUSH status. I need to be run immediately every time someone adds a new row

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it supposed to work exactly like that, make sure to set in the scheduling: Inmediately as data arrives like this:

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i don’t have it :frowning:

That’s right, not all modules run instantly - only webhook triggers can do that instantly because they receive push data from the external application, compared to normal triggers that run on a schedule checking if things have changed.

For more information on triggers, please see the types of modules help guide.


Weird, what Make/Integromat plan do you have, Google Sheets module should display a list like this:

I picked that… :slight_smile:
any idea?

@danielem sent you a DM

@danielem Idid a test and its working for Me.

Google sheets in paid plan does not suppor ACID transaction but Webhooks does it so I create and script in Google Forms to send the post information to a Webhook .

Add this code script :

function onSubmit(e) {
var data = e.response.getItemResponses();
var payload = {};

data.forEach(function(item) {
var title = item.getItem().getTitle();
var response = item.getResponse();
payload[title] = response;

// Make a POST request to the webhook receiver
var url = “”;
var options = {
method: “post”,
contentType: “application/json”,
payload: JSON.stringify(payload)

UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, options);

and make sure to add the webhook URL and set the trigger in google form.

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