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I created a simple scenario: adding a new column in Google Sheets and syncing this column’s information to Brevo. When I use the “Run Once” feature, it works fine, but when a new column is actually added in Google Sheets, the scenario is not triggered according to the logs.

Hello @Wisper,

The module only watches new rows so won’t trigger for new columns.
Maybe there’s a way you can make sure a row gets added after the column?

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This is because you have scheduled the scenario to run On demand (only when you click “Run Once”).


On demand” is completely different from “Immediately”, which is only available to INSTANT Webhook triggers.

You need to set a schedule to run once in a while (e.g. every 5 minutes) to get the new changes.

This module (Watch New Rows) is a POLLING trigger, and not an INSTANT (Webhook) trigger.

There are two types of triggers, Polling (scheduled), and Instant (webhooks). Polling triggers can only run on a schedule. Instant triggers can be run as soon as data is received by the webhook.

Polling means Make checks external service for changes (pull changes to Make).
Webhook (instant) triggers means external service calls Make when there are new changes (push changes to Make).

The module you are using does not push changes — it’s basically a API request that Make has to occasionally “call” to fetch the latest changes/items.

To find out more on the different types of Trigger modules, see refer to Types of Modules and Webhooks sections of the Make help center.

See if your app has an “Instant” or “Webhook” trigger in Make. If not, check if the third-party service has a feature that can send out a webhooks when content is created/updated - and then you can point it to a “Custom Webhook” trigger in your scenario.

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Thanks for your reply.
So, I can not create a trigger, which triggered INSTANTLY while new row add to Google Sheet?
But, some others can do this!

Correct, the “Watch New Rows” module is not an INSTANT trigger.

See if the “Watch Changes” module suit your requirements.

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