Polling and I need instant. Possible with my scenario

I set up a scenario and it works exactly well almost exactly as I wish. I have it watching a google sheet for new rows, in which, when it does, it creates a contact inside my CRM. However, it seems to be a polling trigger and not instant. Is there a way to get to to trigger immediately upon new google sheet row? I can schedule it but would rather not.

Hi @Derek_Dimmick ,

Since their Google Sheets app doesn’t really have a webhook trigger to only watch for newly added rows, I would suggest using the Watch Changes module and then add a filter after the trigger like this:

Since the Watch Changes module triggers whenever there are added values, the only way to determine it’s a new row is if it doesn’t have an OldValue and also if the mapped fields are complete.


I hope this helps!



under the Old value part of that screenshot, the operator should be “Does not Exist”

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