Instant trigger watch a new ro; Google sheet

Hey MAKER, I need your expertise.

I’m trying to create an instant tigger that triggers when a new row is added to a google sheet, so that text content from that row can then be edited by other modules down the line.

I just can’t get it to work…

Welcome to the Make community!

The only two INSTANT Google Sheets triggers are Perform a Function and Watch Changes.

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Can I build something similar?

or is there an alternative if I do this somehow with a webhook?

I’ve tried everything but can’t get it to work

Hi @GoForHammer87,

Watch New Rows runs on a schedule and internally keeps track of the last row of data.
When it runs, it will compare the current last row containing data vs the row it stored last time it ran then give you the difference.

Watch Changes only triggers when existing data have been modified.
A new row doesn’t count as existing data because it’s not part of the “table” yet.

If you were to add a row, then go and modify a cell in that new row, that might trigger your Watch Changes module.

Another option you might have is to create a Google Apps Script to call a webhook when the right conditions are met. Create a Webhook module in Make to capture that when it is triggered.

The script for that is beyond what is covered here so I would encourage you to search other forums and/or help articles specific to Google Apps Scripts.


So it took a while to put the script together because my sheet is very complex, but it worked. If anyone has similar problems please ask me, I think I can help you