Google sheets send me an error

I try to transfer information in a different language from Webhooks to Google Sheets but it always gives me the same problem.
‘The operation failed with an error. Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).’

Hi Shifu,

Currently it is hard to help you, could you display the following information?

  • the content of the bundle out of the webhook
  • the filter between the webhook and the Google sheets module.




I don’t have any filter between the Webhook and Google Sheets

I forgot another important question:
Could you also display the configuration of Google Sheets module?
This is the module producing the error.


Hi @Shifu
looks like you are passing the entire name field into a sheet coloum as its collection so thats why it gave you the error

you can select first and last separately to pass to the coloum to consider as text , you can you get function to get the exact value if you are facing any issue ,

Thank you