Sending info back to Google Sheets

I am trying to send data from ScrapingBee back to my Google sheet. I keep getting the error “The operation failed with an error. Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).” I selected Row Number but it keeps giving me the error. I want it to put the info in the newest row.

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Can you share me how your full scenario looks like and can you show me the mapping for Gsheets and also the error screenshot?


Hey @Runcorn,

I have attached the screenshots. The scenario I’m trying to build is, 1) drop a link into Google sheet, 2) ScarapingBee scrapes site, 3) OpenAI writes long description, 4) OpenAI writes short description, 5) Title and both descriptions get added back to the same row on the Google sheet.

Thanks again…


I have just spent the last couple of hours trying to work out my own BundleValidationError also. For my issue the reason I was getting the error was because the data was not in a format that Airtable recognises.

This error comes from Make as I expect it knows what format is required and validates it before sending it to the target module.

Can you post a photo of the output of the first module so we can see what format the Row Number is? Seems silly but worth checking.