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I have a scenario that I’m adding a new row to Google. I would like to add a timestamp, so I added the Timestamp item variable from Make. But when it’s out putting a number that is not translating in Google Sheets. I tried to switch it to a date number format but it stays the same. This is an example number 1651529941

Could you please share more details? The formula which you are passing in google sheet module for Date…

I’m using the timestamp from the make functions list. I’ve included screenshots of what it looks like hopefully that gives some clarity. Thank you for helping!

Go for now function with proper formatting like formatDate function

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The timestamp is the UNIX timestamp… the number of seconds from Jan 1, 1970. It can be converted to a date.

But, as @Jouher_Automator suggested, the simpler way is to just use “now” and “formatDate”.
Something like:

formatDate(now; YYYY-MM-DD)
formatDate(now; YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.SSS)

And, if you are want more precision, “now” returns date/time in thousandths of a second. (See second example above.)

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@JimTheMondayMan and @Jouher_Automator
Thank you for your help with this. The formatted now will work a lot better. In my head it was just easy to drop in the timestamp but I didn’t realize what format it was in.

It was helpful knowing that the now provides more precision.

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