Adding a timestamp dd/mm/yyy

Hey guys! I am trying to add a timestamp when a new contact has accepted my LinkedIn connection.

What I am using is what you can see on the screenshot below, but the value that is being added to the google sheets is what you can see on the other screenshot.

Is there a way to format the timestamp so it shows dd/mm/yyyy?

You need to format the date using formatDate and since timestamp is an integer you need to first parse it to date object and then do the formatting like,

{{formatDate(parseDate(timestamp; "X"); "DD/MM/YYYY")}}

Or, you can use now instead,

{{formatDate(now; "DD/MM/YYYY")}}

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Thank you so much @Runcorn appreciate your quick response. I have copied the exact same values you gave me {{formatDate(now; “DD/MM/YYYY”)}} into the workflow :slight_smile:

Since I seem to be running into a lot of these little things, where is the best way for me to go to learn about them?

There was a post dedicated to learning this week,

Maybe it jas some useful stuffs that you are looking for.

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Hey @Runcorn after following your advice, and running a few tests, here is the info as it comes into my spreadsheet, also see the values in Make, what am I doing wrong?


You should use DD/MM/YYYY without any quotes and / operator it is just a plain text.


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Thank you!! Changed it back, I am not sure why when I copied the text from here, it got formatted that way.