Google Sheets to update rows while iterating

I’m trying to make FreeAgent pull all my invoices, and then list them into Google Sheets.
I have the API call ready, and then I need 2 iterations, one for the Invoices array, and then another one for the “Invoice items” array.

That works. However, I cannot find a way to tell Google Sheets to update the rows iterating. When I test, it just gets the 1st bundle and that’s it. Or gets the first bundle and repeats it endlessly.

I’ve also tried adding a repeater where the “repeating value” is the product of both iterators total number of bundles. But the repeater returns an error.


Hey, Make a quick video.

This could help me give you a better answer.


Here it is. Not sure if I was clear enough though.

Anyway, by testing I have seen this option has already consumed me 400 operations, so it’s not worth. There has to be a way of dumping the entire JSON from the FreeAgent API call into GSheets. That’s all I want really.

Yes, we built a custom app that can help you push all the lines together in Google Sheet at once.

If this is your recurring requirement then lets connect to set it up.

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Hi thanks @manish_mandot. Not sure if you mean you sell that service, but I’m not interested on buying that. I’m just trying to figure out how to do it myself, as I’m not that far from achieving it.
Thanks anyway.

@Chaos you can do that doing a batch update using the “Make API call” module

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Yeah @loic.wiseflow that’s the alternative I’m trying to use, but I’m struggling as I’m not familiar with APIs or JSONs at all.

Here’s where I am at the moment. I can’t find examples of the syntax anywhere, so I just keep getting one error after another.

It’s hard to troubleshoot like that. I have no idea what you array from Free Agent looks like, but I doubt it is in the right format for Google sheets API. Also you range is open right now A2:K instead of A2:K54 (for example).

Google Sheets API calls are not the easiest to start with.

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Hey @Chaos ,

Sorry for the late reply.

here is my response.

Google sheets to update rows while iterating?

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Many thanks for your reply @Wemakefuture .

Using the bundle position didn’t work. It’s one of the first things I tried and returned some errors.
I was using update row just because I was trying to do an initial dump, and then to always keep it updated. I tried the “Add row” but then it was just adding new ones, and since the API from FreeAgent was pulling all entries every time, it would add about 100 repeated rows every time.

Anyway, I have discarded Make as the way to do this. I’m struggling, but I found a Google Sheets extension (API connector) to do API calls and drop them all in there well formatted. That worked for FreeAgent pretty well, and now I’m fighting with another tool which has a quite more complex API response.

Sorry to hear you dropped make.

You will see it’s a great tool to run things with.

Reach out if you need any help :slight_smile:

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