Google Spreadsheet webhook watch changes doesn't work if copy-paste by batch

In my scenario, the Google Spreadsheet Webhook “watch changes” only sees the change when the change is made one cell at a time in my google spreadsheet.

When I copy-paste cell-by-cell a data, the webhook sees each change correctly.

But when I copy and paste a data in several cells in one time (by selecting cells from AB1 to AB3 and paste for example), the webhook doesn’t see the changes…

I see @Nadege_Baklouti you had the same problem ? Did you find a solution ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there.

I believe that this is expected behavior. This is what Make has in their documentation regarding the Watch Changes module:



Thank you but I don’t speak about new rows added but only changes in the sheet, and this is changes are made by the user. When the change concerns several cells at the same time, it doens’t detect any change…