Gsheets - How to copy a range of values onto new sheet?

Hi all,

I have this google spreadsheet I use for work below.

I have two sheets in here - one is called “Template” and the other is “Sheet 1 Test”. I am trying to figure out how to take rows 1-31 (the entire rows) and “paste them” onto “Sheet 1 Test”.

The first issue I am running into, as per the screenshot below, is that there doesn’t seem to be an option, or a way to map, the entire row. I had to do the entire values instead. Is there a way to specify the entire rows 1-31 instead of A1-A31?

The second issue I am running into is trying to exactly paste those rows into “Sheet 1 Test”. This is the options I am faced with:

Instead of manually pasting each value, is there a way to just “copy paste” them in a sense?

My third question is - Is there a way to preserve the formatting (ie color, font, etc) when executing this copy/paste (if it is possible in the first place)?