Only move a portion of one Google Sheet to another Google Sheet

I have a Google Sheet with 1,000s of rows and I only want to move 50 rows per day to another Google Sheet.

I’d like the new 50 rows to overwrite all the rows on the recipient sheet.

I believe I set up a time trigger (24 hours.)

Then, I get a bit hazy. Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to pull 50 from one sheet and overwrite the previous 50 in another sheet.

Hi @Gregg,

at which point is it getting tricky for you?
You might start with “get range values”(in the sheet with 1000s of rows) use a filter to only take 50 rows and end with “update rows” (in the recipient sheet).

Can you share more specifically which step is making problems? Then we can look into that :slight_smile:



Let me play around with your suggestion. I just learned how to wait 24 hours before moving the data but the Get Range Values is likely the trick I needed.

Thank you and I’ll come back if it’s still not working.

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Alright! :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you to try your workflow/logic with e.g. 2 rows and if it works, just switch to 50 rows! :slight_smile: This way you can save your operations.


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I got a similar issue and found this thread.
I did the [quote=“Richard_Johannes, post:2, topic:3075”]
“get range values”
but I am not sure about the “update rows” since make only allows for updating a row.
Am I missing something here?

@Yodogawa I think you can update multiple rows by making an API Call using the “Make an API Call” Module but this is quite advanced. Updating multiple rows using the “Update Row” module will just lead to more operations and you update one row after the other and not all at once :slight_smile:


Thank you for that suggestion, I will take a look at that.
Could you give some example as well?

You can always hire a Make Expert to help you if you can’t get this done: