Guidance on setting up webhooks for a Facebook page and Make

I am a brand new user of Make. What I want to achieve is getting new comments on my page instantly, and my understanding is that I have to use webhooks for this. However, when setting this up, I have successfully validated the verification request for the endpoint in Make, and I have subscribed to fields and object types. However, when I test the subscription, the webhook is not being triggered. It says, “Applications will only be able to receive test webhooks sent from the app dashboard while they are in development. No production data, including that of app admins, developers, and testers, will be delivered unless the app is live.” Does this mean I can’t use this Facebook app while it is still in development and that I have to submit it for an app review? Please help me with guidance on how to achieve this if you have encountered similar situations. Best regards.

Hello! Welcome to the Make community!!

I’m not an expert in FB, so I asked internally, and apparently, you have to request FB to validate your consuming app. And i’ve been told it’s a long and complex process, as they are very strict about validating apps…

As a workaround, you could try and use Facebook Pages / Watch Posts

It doesn’t use triggers, so you will need to schedule your scenario to check from time to time (it won’t be instant).