Has anyone created an integration or custom app for Classy.org?

I’m working on an integration with Classy.org, as there doesn’t appear to be one out of the box. Before I get too far along, I thought I’d check if anyone has already created an integration with Classy.org?


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yes we can integration to classy.org according to your process and workflow automation kindly explain to what do you want ?

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I don’t think there is one but @alex.newpath @SebastianMertens These guys must know if it is already out in the market.

If you need any help in building app or custom request then let me know i can.

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@Wemakefuture makes lots of apps. Tiberiu did you guys look at classy.org?

Also you can use the idea exchange to request make to build an app but you may be waiting a while. Classy is in the app ideas database but has not many votes.