Has anyone here integrated Freescout with ClickUp?

Trying to find anyone that has integrated Freescout with ClickUp in Make.

I want to add the ticket URL to the task content but I can’t see which variable holds the URL in Make from the list… :man_shrugging:

Howdy @zigojacko Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

Can you take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your make scenario for me,
along with the relevant module configurations
and share-all-duotoneshare the images here?

so that I can see what you have tried so far :smiley:

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When I posted this, I hadn’t tried anything because I literally have no idea what to put in the field…

Does this help?

Where you see ‘Created At’ - I want to know how I can specify later than a time so I can send a test email in and see if it creates the ticket.

Hi @zigojacko,

  1. For ticket URL: I dont see it provides a variable that you can use. That means you have to build the URL yourself. I use helpscout and the URL looks like www.helpscout.com/conversation/conversationID. For freescout I’m not sure what the prefix is, but you can build it like this (change if necessary)
    Then put this formula to clickup task

  2. About created date, it’s kinda misleading that make put it like this, you have to use
    Parsedate or adddays formula to generate datetime, the time specified in the field is just a string, not actual datetime object.


Sorry I just realised that my previous reply was for a different issue I was facing.

Thanks for answering both @make_expert . :joy:

I figured the ticket URL out earlier on by constructing the URL myself accordingly so thanks for clarifying this one.

Regarding the date though, basically, when I run this in the wild, I don’t want it to go and create a task in ClickUp for all historic tickets so I just want to specify a date so anything from this date onwards basically.


So I am assuming I need to get the ‘Created At’ date so we know when the ticket was created but then I am unsure what to do next - where do we use the ‘parseDate’ exactly?

Oh never mind, I figured this out as well now, I didn’t realise you could type between the parenthesis.

Example: {{parseDate(“2022-09-11”; “YYYY-MM-DD”)}}

Magical, I think it’s working, going to test more.

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