Clickup time tracking to Toggl

Hi there.

I’m trying to have notice when a task is marked as complete. Once that happens it will take the time tracked, name of the task, and the name of the folder the task is in and put it inside of Toggl. With the time tracked in the right location, name of the task as the description, and the folder that the task was in as the “project.”

I’m struggling to wrap my head around this. Any help is so appreciated!

Hi @Bryce_Harvey,

Welcome to Make!

It looks like the Start Date and Duration from ClickUp need some formatting to match Toggl’s requirements. The first thing would be to see how the data is coming in from Clickup. Once the scenario has run, please click on the circle above the ClickUp module and expand it out so that you can see the content of the Start Date and Time Spent fields.

Please add a screenshot of that data if you need the community to take a look at it!