Time Doctor + Clickup Time Tracking

Really frustrated that Time Doctor “integrates” but doesnt do it right and I have to try make to this automation… anyway…

MY GOAL: For Each task minutes tracked/logged inside time doctor app >>> add those minutes to “Time Tracked” in each Clickup ( “Add Tracked Time” in Make’s options)

Inside Make panel, looking at the TIME DOCTOR Module, I can’t find any option other than:

  • Create a Time Entry
  • List Time Entry
  • Delete a Time Entry

The Trigger should be something like:

  • “When time is logged in a time doctor task”
  • “Time logged in Time doctor”

Welcome to the Community @RicardoBrandao,

The Time Doctor has extensive API document where you can choose the relevant API endpoint to fetch the New Time Entry done.

You can use the Make an API Call action in the Time Doctor App to call the API and get the latest time entry details.

Finally use the filter to fetch only latest time entries that created after the last scenario check run.

API Doc link: Time Doctor 2 API Documentation

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well thank you. But how can i send the time tracked to the right task inside clickup?