Has anyone worked with Convertio.co?

I’m trying to get the Convertio.co module to work to convert images to Webp. It should be pretty straightforward. Convertio Integration | Workflow Automation | Make

The problem I’m running into seems to be that Make interprets the FileID as a uinteger field from the “Convert a File” module, which then makes running a subsequent API call with Make unhelpful because I can’t map the uinteger field. Convertio outputs a text string and uses the text string as the next input. [Using toString() works to get the correct input URL. But the request still doesn’t work.] Here’s their API documentation. Convertio API Documentation

Ideally I want to use an API call to get the status of the conversion and use the URL to run an HTTP request with TinyPNG to resize + compress.

Is there something I can do with the data field instead?

Try the parsenumber() function.

Thanks, that wouldn’t work. I need it to read the entire string, not just the numbers. Make support suggested adding in the toString() function, which does get it to read the string text. But the API Request module is still erroring out. Though the new input URL does work if I manually use it.

You need the path relative to the base url. Remove the https:// part and just leave the relative path /convert…

You probably don’t even need the tostring either.

Oh… yea, I should have remembered that. Thank you! I still need the toString because otherwise it’s only giving me the integer part of the mapped value. Or at least, it’s only letting me test with it.


The app for convertio is not correctly designed. The file Id should be a string.

Is that on Convertio’s side or Make’s? I assumed Make’s since Convertio’s API docs clearly show they know it should be a string. But I guess they made the app integration.

Whoever built the app owns it. I assume make unless proven otherwise.