Having trouble connecting to pgAdmin?

Olá, Bom dia!
Galerinha, alguém já teve dificuldades para conectar o make com o SQL do pgadmin?
Ele fica dando erro no host o tempo todo. Já alterei pro ip: e localhost e não funciona.
Poderiam ajudar?

Hello @wmsilva welcome to the community :wave:

Since the official language of the Make Community is English, let me just quickly jump in and translate your question so that more folks can benefit from the information being shared :slight_smile:

Translated question:

Hello, good morning!
Hey guys, has anyone ever had difficulties connecting Make with pgAdmin SQL?
It keeps showing an error with the host all the time. I’ve already tried changing it to the IP: and localhost, but it doesn’t work.
Could you help?

Ohh, Soo sory for that!
But thanks Michaela :smiley:

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Hi @wmsilva,

Not sure what you exactly mean by connecting to pgAdmin as it serves as a tool to connect with different PostgreSQL databases.

Where is your database hosted? You will need to directly connect to database instead of pgAdmin, If You should have the database connections trying you should be able to connect it to Make provided that it is accessible outside of the platform that the database is currently hosted on.

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