Help Wanted - Using Make with apps/modules that are not already in the marketplace

I have a white-labeled platform that is not one of the apps/modules that Make already supports (neither is the original platform I’m white labeling from). I need to integrate that platform with Chargebee, which I’d like to use for subscription management.

I also need to set up triggers from my platform so that when events happen, such as when a new trial user signs up, an automated welcome message is sent.

The problem I’m running into is that my wl platform doesn’t have defined webhooks for the events I’d like to use. There is an API/SDK I have access to.

I’d like to talk through this with a Make Pro and understand my options for connecting this platform and, if it can be done with Make, get a quote for the services.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Sondra,
This is something we can support. Would be happy to have a chat when you’re available. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to schedule a quick call:

Thanks, I just sent you an email

Sondra, we build connectors from APIs. Sending you a PM

Thanks, I booked time on Monday

Hello, My name is Alex Sirota and I am the founder of NewPath Consulting. We are a 4-year old partner. We offer a one hour video call where we explain and show how Make can help your organization. We even build some scenarios and share them with you so get more value than a usual exploratory discussion. Book some time with me at Hero - NewPath Consulting I look forward to talking to you and your team should they join us.

Alex, I didn’t book the hour call because I just need a quick 15 min chat about my options for one specific configuration. Thanks for responding

Understood. In my experience a “quick 15 minute conversation” will not cover the myriad of options and potential approaches you may want to take to your very good question.

There are many ways to call APIs with or without an existing app:

  1. Make API module in an app that has this module
  2. HTTP call with various authentication methods
  3. Building an app from scratch for private
  4. Building an app from scratch for public use

These go in increasing order of complexity. But they ALL come with a huge caveat:

You must understand the API you are hitting and how it functions, its options and quirks. Without this knowledge you will be banging your head against the wall for days and weeks, finally giving up in frustration…

And booking a call with a Make Hero.