Check out these useful API discovery resources

Here are a couple of API discovery resources I refer to often to either find something or for inspiration:

ProgrammableWeb - catalog of almost 25,000 API’s - very comprehensive, but you kind of need to wade through because their search isn’t very comprehensive (no faceted search or sorting).

RapidAPI Hub - catalog of over 10,000 API’s - with free account you can test API’s in-browser. The API’s are more curated than on PW.

Hope this helps someone!


Thanks so much for sharing these with the community, John! I’m certain these resources are gonna come in pretty handy :raised_hands:

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Another interesting repository is the postman public api network. Postman is an extraordinary tool.


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Here’s the openapi link to the make API. You can happily import this link into Postman and configure to your liking to test the new Make Api.

You can import OpenAPI 3.0 specifications via file, url, or by directly entering JSON or YAML as raw text from the Import button within the Postman App.

Endpoints are imported as folders and subfolders with all of their descriptions and documentation.

Examples are even brought over as sample responses in Postman! Now you can simultaneously take advantage of both OpenAPI and Postman Collections.


Great resources, thanks for posting them :star_struck:

@alex.newpath I used Postman long ago, switched to Insomnia and have been happily using it since.

But… based on your comments I logged back into my account and wow! A lot has changed. They are indeed doing a lot more interesting stuff since I’ve last checked.

Thanks for pushing me back into it :+1:


I had the pleasure of the same experience with postman. I used it a few years ago and it was so limited. And in the past year they have really hit it out of the park. The scripting possibilities and collection runners are really a powerful way to model multiple api calls to simulate the sort of stuff you may need to do manually with make api calls or http calls.

I wish this wasn’t the case often, but many apps are limited or do things in an unusual overly complex way.

I just wish api docs were always sharing an open api or yaml definition file That makes for an easy import into postman. Or better yet just published in the public api directory postman is gracious enough to manage.

I’ve heard of insomnia a lot. What do you like most about it?

Ps postman even has a limited visual api workflow system. It reminds me of a basic Make.


Yea, the visual workflow and the webhooks were two standouts to me along with that api directory. I wasn’t familiar with this open api stuff, but that’s interesting as well.

I really like Insomnia’s simplicity. I can open it up, quickly do what I need, and move on with the task at hand. Postman never gave me that (in the past).

Postman still needs the usual authorization set up. I use collection variables and environments to store secrets and other data I wish to parameterize.

One day I will do a proper walk through postman with the make api collection during the tech talks I assemble. Hope you can join us.

Would love to, but that’s a broken link.

Oh I had it in a private category so i moved it to makerhood. Sorry!


And here’s @andyoneil talk on testing webhooks with Postman – It’s not as complex as it seems!