Upcoming Make TechTalks

Hi there! As part of the partner community and a Make Partner, I have been running TechTalks to support our learning efforts as Make partners. We have been sponsoring and running these 1 hour lunch time webinars for over a year and a half. With the launch of Make, I am extra excited to double down on our efforts to have an informal, information-rich get together of Make partners.

Look for all future TechTalk’s on our website

If you’d like to see an archive of our previous TechTalks visit our Vimeo showcase. Use the password integromat.


Any way to have us sign-up so I can get a reminder email with the call link? I’ve missed a couple as it’s slipped my mind, so a reminder or email would be nice!

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We’ll think about this indeed. Probably need a registration link :slight_smile:

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I also try to be there every time. Always good discussions and you can benefit a lot from each other. :make:

@alex.newpath should I introduce Hookdeck in a future talk? Simple management of webhooks. I’ve tested it, and it makes the testing and development of a webhook scenario much easier.


Sure @Blinno how about April 25?

perfect… noted! @alex.newpath

Yes! I love Hookdeck! I use it heavily as well

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I added a registration link to our TechTalk signups powered by Zoom.

Next one is on March 28 featuring Lorenzo Lee from Lotic Digital.

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The next TechTalk is on September 26. Be there!


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We are planning another Make TechTalk for February 27, 2023 which is now opened to the whole Make Community (not just Make partners!). I am looking for anyone to contribute a short talk on what they are working on or a particular challenge they may be facing. Please message me on this forum with your interest. To get on the free registration list just visit the site below and register.

Make TechTalk #26 - February 27, 2022 - NewPath Consulting

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We announced our topic for the February 27 2023 Make techtalk

Have a look it’s going to be very interesting!!!

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Hi Alex. I am interested in speaking to you about Newpath but I can’t find a phone number on your site. I need some Make work done. If you can provide me a way to contact you that would be great. Thanks very much.


Hi @James_Teague feel free to email me alex@newpathconsulting.com

Hi Alex,
I just sent you an email. The email is james@myeverythingstore.ca so if you can please check your spam that would be great. I look forward to meeting you.