Trying to create an API connection with limited API Docs

Hi all, I’m successfully failing at creating a connection to an API and I can’t seem to determine the source of the error. Here’s the story:

  1. I am trying to connect to Copymatic’s API.
  2. I have successfully POST my key to the API and gain authorization.
  3. Now I am crashing into a 400 missing parameter errors.

I have yet to contact the provider but their API documents don’t help a NON-coder.

API Docs:

The Error


Any thoughts or support would be awesome to hear!

You are sending query strings. You should be sending a post body in the “request content” field in your http post.

The $reqbody collection needs to be made into a proper json string. You can make an array with a variable and then transform to json with the module “transform to json” and then put that into request content.

Api docs are normally made for programmers, they aren’t made for normals. Some docs are better than others.

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Awesome. Looks like I’m a little further away than I thought. But I’ve made some progress.


I feel the I’ve structured the data wrong…

The input to transform json is an array. But the way you’ve made the payload is by just attaching these key value pairs together. How about just making an array by using the add() function with each element?

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