Help with API


My knowledge of API is very limited and hoping for some help.
I’m trying to use API (you can enter a url and it will automatically summarize the article to a defined number of sentences you’d like) and I need some direction on what and where to post the api information to create the summarized data.

They list as the parameters:

The API request must be made to The returned response will be encoded in JSON


SM_API_KEY=N Required, your API key.
SM_URL=X Optional, the webpage to summarize.
SM_LENGTH=N Optional, the number of sentences returned, default 7.
SM_KEYWORD_COUNT=N Optional, the number of keywords to return.
SM_WITH_BREAK Optional, inserts the string [BREAK] between sentences.
SM_WITH_ENCODE Optional, converts HTML entities to their applicable chars.
SM_IGNORE_LENGTH Optional, returns summary regardless of quality or length.
SM_QUOTE_AVOID Optional, sentences with quotations will be excluded.
SM_QUESTION_AVOID Optional, sentences with question will be excluded.
SM_EXCLAMATION_AVOID Optional, sentences with exclamation marks will be excluded.

They also have more information here: SMMRY - API

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me!

Hi @Eric_Truyman ,
So what is the question here?
Seems like you have all the materials to get started :wink:

I know I’m close I can feel it :man_facepalming:
I’m stuck though on how to create an operation that will use this API to create the summarized data.