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I want to automate linkedin posts without doing anything. So I have 200 post topics on an excel, I want make to choose every 2 days a random topic and give it to chat gpt to make a small text and this text will be posted on linkedin.

This is what I’ve done so far: Except that with this model, the scenario repeats itself in a loop, sending all the rows of the google sheet .csv.

Basically, it repeats the scenario by sending all the csv lines 1 by 1.
I also used http at the beginning and not google sheet because I couldn’t get the csv “data” file with google sheet.

Yep, having things happen without doing anything is the dream, right? Let’s see if we can get this going!

Here’s an example. Let’s say we have this CSV:

Let’s start by getting everything together with an Array Aggregator:

Stay with me now.

We need to pick a random item in this array, which we can do by picking a random value between 1 and 4. We can generate a “random” number with the random pill in Make, but that only gives us something between 0 and 1. So we can multiply that by a big number and then use the mod operator to get something between 0 and 3.

Since Make is built on top of JavaScript and JS can be weird, let’s first round our big number and then calculate the modulo (remainder of the integer division): 4%4 = 0, 5%4 = 1, 6%4 = 2, 7%4 = 3, 8%4 = 0. Then we can add 1 to this value and get our random number between 1 and 4. Finally, we use the get function to output the values of that array item:

Here’s a blueprint you can import to try this out!
blueprint (8).json (7.9 KB)

Hope it helps!

Thank you very much for your help but as I’m a bit new to make I didn’t understand everything unfortunately… Could you show me by calling me? Or a video of each element with their parameters if possible…

Sorry, I might’ve gotten a bit carried away in the nerdiness there.

You can download the blueprint (8).json file from my previous reply and import it directly to your own Make account. Then you can run it to see how it works in a bit more detail, as well as see all the modules and how I mapped them. It works on its own, so just import and run to check it out!

The formula to generate a random number is the trickiest part here, but that one you can basically copy and paste to your scenario and just map the variables you need.

Please give it a go, but if you’re still stuck, you can reach out to our Customer Care team for more hands-on assistance by creating a support ticket and referencing this community post.

Thanks and enjoy the weekend!

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Ah thank you very much I managed to import! I wanted to know to import my csv I put it before or after the “tools set a variable”?

Nice Rayane!

Ah, and you don’t really need the first Set Variable module. You can just map the CSV directly from your HTTP module to the Parse CSV module as you were doing before. I was just using Set Variable there as an example.

Similarly, you can also copy and paste the entire function in the last Set Variable module directly into your OpenAI module if you prefer. :wink:

Oh and make sure you have the right number of columns in your CSV module if you have more than 1:

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