Multi-platform Social Media posting

Recently signed up and decided to try out Make. I’m trying to build an auto-scheduler for multiple social media accounts pulling from Google Sheets.

Specifically, a random row is selected from GS then ran through a router chucking data between 3-5 social media accounts.

My issue is when Google Sheets reaches the end of the current list, it only watching for newly created rows. How can I get Make to randomly select rows that are already in the list regardless if there is a new row or not?

Sounds like you need to break it down further:

  1. Dont use the watch trigger, instead you probably want to schedule your scenario run
  2. In the place of the watch trigger, just put a GetRange module that selects everything relevant in your sheet
  3. After that, use the random inline math function to get a random number
  4. Use that number to select the row you want to run in your scenario when it goes through the router chucking the data between the accounts.
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Can I ask whats your use case here btw? Out of curiousity.

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Hello, @Donald_Paul_Rex, I share a way to do what you need.

Select rows where column A has no data

Process executed

Find rows where there is no data in column A and if in column B

All the rows are grouped by selecting the data columns that we will use to publish on social networks

The formula is used for

  • The list created by grouping the rows is sorted randomly
  • Create a random number with the size of the list
  • The position of the reordered list is obtained with the random number


It is published on Facebook

It is published on Twitter

The publication date is added in column A of the selected row

You guys helped a ton! Thank you so much. I have a much better understanding of what i’m trying to do now.

Also, to the question @zbk28382 posed:
Nothing fancy. I’m a game composer looking for ways to make social media marketing easier on multiple platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, maybe Instagram). My goal is to attract new clients is all.

However, I’m starting up a website business in the near future and though I could add more value to those clients offering automation solutions for businesses which is another reason I took to Make.

Any extra tips/advice for the journey, hit me up!

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Hi @Francisco_Fontes, great job here in the forum :wink:

Did you tested to publish to youtube and tiktok?
What are the friction points in these two platforms?


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I have not tried posting on those networks at the moment.
I will keep it in mind to test it and publish a case in the future.

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