Social media IG+FB scheduling automation

Hey everyone! I’ve been trying to make a social media scheduling scenario for both IG and FB and I’m stuck, hope someone can help me out!

Currently (see attachment) I’ve got a scenario setup that posts one image on IG via an image url, then posts a comment, then a reply to that with hashtags, finally it posts the same image on a FB page. I’ve managed to schedule it as well, but it’s now limited to only one image, which kind of defeats the purpose for me of scheduling many posts in advance.

Basically at minimum I would like to have a google sheet (at least, would be the easiest I think?) with a few colums:
‘post date’ ‘image url’ ‘caption IG’ ‘caption FB’
Then have Make use the date for the scheduling. Perhaps grab the date in column 1 as a trigger for the scenario to start running. When the scenario starts running, let Make grab the next cells with ‘image url’ ‘caption IG’ and ‘caption FB’ and place them in the appropriate places in the scenario. When the scenario is executed, the complete first line in the sheet can be deleted so the next line will become the next scheduled post. This way the ‘date trigger’ only has to look at one cell. Might be a fancier way of doing it, but I’m just thinking out loud.

I’ve created automated Excel sheets and whatnot, but I’m just pretty stumped on how to get this to work. Thanks in advance! <3

Anyone? I’m still pretty stumped on how to achieve this :frowning:

Hello Deviant , theres a lot of videos in youtube solving this dear , am not sure if this possiable to share it here or what , but like what u said u can create a google sheet and inter ur data there the create scinario and use http to get ur images and videos from the urls that u will use ,
the sheet must be have a headers like that
statues ( ready to publish , in progress etc // )
platform ( select )
publishing date ( date )
media ( url )
caption ( text)