Help with text aggregator

I’ve watched (and re-watched) Max van Collenburg’s videos 100 times regarding the text aggregator and I’m still stuck.

I’m trying to use a google sheets lookup to get several rows, and then use those rows to create a Google Doc

For example:

  • 5 rows are found, and those rows are used in 1 google doc

However, I’m stuck. Without the aggregator I’m getting

  • 5 rows found, 5 google docs

With the aggregator, I’m getting

  • 5 rows found, but the text I need is now aggregated into one long string, which I then need to iterate out to use in my Google Doc

I must be missing something here

Hey @Mike1 ,

Can you show me the text aggregator setting? I think you can configure the output in the aggregator module which can go into the Google Doc as bullet point.


Thank you for checking

For the ‘Row Seperator’ can you set it to ‘New row’ and check how that outputs the values.

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I’m a bit late to the party but here’s a small tip that might potentially be helpful 🤖 How to display an array as a list with each item on a new line with Make?

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Hrm, so I guess what I’m concluding is every time a scenario finds multiple bundles, it will iterate each action multiple times

(5 new rows = 5 bundles = 5 versions of a Google Doc created)

I was hoping there was a workaround I was missing, but I’m guessing that isn’t the case