How to display an array as a list with each item on a new line with Make?

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How can I display an array of e.g. 3 items passed into Make as a list with each item on a new line instead of a comma-separated list?

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Hypothetical situation:

You watch your emails and whenever theres a message with attachments, you want to send yourself a Slack message, listing those attachments.

In order to list the items with each of them on a new line, youre going to need to use

  • iterator in order to process each attachment separately
  • text aggregator in order to form the list of the attachments

:nerd_face: When setting up your text aggregator module, you need to

  • select iterator as the source module
  • toggle Advanced settings
  • new row as a separator

Helpful Resources:

:make: Iterator
:make: Text Aggregator

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it does not work for me.
all data are displayed as a single line
cant figure out what I missed

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