Help with variables, webhooks and google docs

Hello everyone, hope someone can help me sort this out.

I am fairly new in automations and I love it but I have one question. I am building a project where I collect some variables that will fill out a google doc document from template. The thing is that there are like 10 different templates that I want to fill with this information depending on the one I need. Let’s say that for all the 10 documents 50% of the information is the same for each but the other 50% is different from one another.

Currently I thought about making one webhook with all of the variables and wont be actually using it just to determine the data structure in make, that way I have all the variables withing the same webhook. but I will be making the call from a post request block with only the variables I want for each document (I am building in voiceflow).

My question is the following, is this a viable option? or is there any other better way to do it? Should I create a different scenario for the 10 document? I would really appreciate your help.


Hey Javier,

yes, you can have all the data coming in the same webhook. After it you can place a router with 10 different routes - each of them having a filter that will only allow the correct bundles to continue forward to the corresponding google doc templates.