Hi guys! I am new in make, I would like to know, if MAKE can do this? Auto-Post all RSS

I would like to create a workflow where I can schedule chatgpt to create content (Every day) then that content (Maximum of 4000 characters or letters) can be published in wordpress with an image, facebook publish the content (Maximum of 4000 characters or letters) and put a image, google business (Maximum 1500 characters or letters) and include an image and instagram (Create a post and put an image (Maximum of 2000 characters or letters).

Yes you can generate content like that, but also without good backlinks to your site, Google won’t rank the content high.


Yeah i know, but I think if I create a good promt could be 1-10 could be like 7. I will try to setup with the free account to see what happen if I stuck i will call help.

Which option i have to pick??