High Level module Update/Create Contact Issue with Custom Fields

I have multiple sub accounts from High level running the same scenarios, but for some reason only 1 sub account is encountering this issue. I’m getting an notice in the module stating:

“Function ‘customFields’ finished with error! Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘map’)”

I’ve reset the api key several times and that did not work. I also went through the Custom Fields to ensure nothing was missing and/or incorrect and they all look good. I can also create a contact, but unable to update the custom fields so the api is connected. This was working for the sub account previously.

Here is a screenshot of the module:

Any help would be great! (I am also aware of High Level moving to V2 api with oath and will need to update everything soon, I think I would like to create a custom app for this unless make is planning on updating the native app… does anyone have any insight?)

This issue generally happens when the OAuth connection steps are not followed properly as per your third-party app’s documentation.

I would recommend you to remove the existing connection for that particular sub-account and try to establish it again. It should solve the issue.

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