Hot to extract preheader from incoming emails and sent it to google sheets


I want to send subject line and preheader (if is included in email) to google sheets.
I can send just subject line no problem but struggling with preheader.
It’s the part just behind subject line in emails. As per screenshot.

From support I got this to add:
but still send only a subject line.

Anyone have idea how to do it.
Just to mention - every preheader starts with - (dash)

Any tips are much appreciated.

Hello Michal,

If I well understand your problem, the “title” of your email is divided into 2 parts separated by a “-”, and you want to get each part.
Let’s say that the title contains “part 1 - part 2”.
If you apply the function split with the separator “-” on the title, split(title,-), you will get an array [“part 1”, “part 2”] (let’s name it splitted_title).
The function get returns the element corresponding to the given index:
get(splitted_title,1)= “part 1”
get(splitted_title,2)= “part 2”.

For your corresponding columns in your Google Sheet: get(split(Subject, “-”),1) and get(split(Subject, “-”),2).

I must say that I don’t understand the newline in this case…

I hope it helps.




Thanks Philippe

This was an instruction from make support.
I will try your solution.


Hi Michal,

If the result is OK, please do not forget to change the status of your question to “Solved”.